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11/06/2014 10:36


It's not too late to register your child for minor softball. Drop us an email at or contact an executive member for details.  Fee structure is as follows. Registration for Softball is $65.00 per child. Registration for TeeBall is $45.00 per child....


10/06/2014 07:23

Registration Update

There are over 200 children registered in all Tee Ball and Softball divisions in our program.  That is a continued increase over the last few years and we are very excited to see growth in the game in Clarenville once again! Exciting times ahead!!


21/05/2014 22:43

Great Turnout!

Great turn out for registration!!  But it's not too late if you still want to register. Just download the registration form on our homepage and drop it off to Jill Monk at Riverside Elementary or drop an email to the address at the left to make other arrangements.   


21/05/2014 12:00

Thanks to 710 VOCM

Thanks to 710 VOCM for the air time on Wednesday, May 21st so we could discuss some of our plans for the upcoming season on the radio!


14/05/2014 10:45

Program and Schedule Notes

Check the 'Schedule' section of the site for some important schedule and program notes including division break down and start and end dates. 


12/05/2014 22:06

First Meeting

The first executive meeting of the year occurred on Monday, May 12th. At that time executive members were put into place for the 2014 season. We are happy to say at this time that there will be some exciting changes coming to our program this year resulting in more skill development as well as more...